NuTone Central Vacuum Benefits

Install a NuTone® Central Vacuum System TODAY and see the BENEFITS Immediately!

Are you wondering why you just can't seem to get all the dirt and dust out of your home, no matter how much you clean, no matter how hard you try?

You and your family deserve a healthy home. But the stark truth is that you can hoover 24/7 with your regular vacuum cleaner for the rest of your life and your home will still never be completely clean.

INVEST NOW in a NuTone® Central Vacuum System - aka built-in hoover heaven - and see your cleaning problems disappear forever.

The Benefits of NuTone® Central Vacuum Technology in Comparison to Ordinary Hoovers

Our systems simply magic away all that dirt in seconds. And we really are talking staggering results. This is built-in vacuum cleaning made easy. Very easy.

Here are just some of the other benefits of installing a NuTone® system TODAY:

  • No more circulation of dust (so asthmatics won't suffer).
  • Much less noise.
  • Our systems are much more powerful than regular hoovers as they don't have to be lightweight to be carried around. This means we use a larger and therefore more effective motor which is sturdier, so it lasts significantly longer.
  • Incredibly, the larger receptacle to collect dust only needs emptying 2/3 times a year.
  • No more lugging a heavy cylinder around the house, from room to room, and up and down stairs.
  • No more trailing cables you and your loved ones could trip over.
  • No more searching in a cluttered cupboard for your vacuum cleaner under all those coats, bags and fishing gear.
  • No more connecting to electrical wall sockets from room to room.
  • No more looking for the adaptor.
  • No more dragging the vacuum cleaner across the floor, negotiating the furniture and stumbling over the cumbersome cylinder.
  • No more wasted energy and time which you could be devoting to your family or to your favourite leisure pursuits.

Cleaning with a NuTone® Central Vacuum System really is the ultimate in cleaning:
Pure performance. Breathtaking efficiency. Effortless precision.

Always helpful and friendly. Love my machine. Mrs B - London

Each detail of the NuTone® Central Vacuum System's construction is driven by our obsession with perfection. With a NuTone® built in vacuum, you can clean everywhere around your home effortlessly and in record time. See your cleaning problems disappear.

Power Units

There is a range of bags, hoses and tool kits available for your NuTone® Central Vacuum System to meet every need and requirement. Pipe work, hoses and tools are interchangeable between machines. All toolkits allow you to move from floor to carpet to curtains etc.

Bags, Hoses & Tool Kits

We supply all necessary pipe and fittings for any combination and number of inlets. We also provide handy installation kits with our recommended range of fittings for a given number of inlets. There are a number of different face plates to suit your chosen décor.

Installation Supplies